Monday, May 13, 2013

Biscuit has a giant bo-bo

Lee Ann said Craig was coming out to trim horses and I said I needed the boys trimmed.  I was going to meet him out there so I could pay him direct.  I got there Tuesday just as he and Lee Ann got to the pasture. 

Craig haltered Sarge and I walked over and called Biscuit.  He started towards me and WHOA!!!  Biscuit had a huge bobo on his head.  About the size of 2/3 of my palm and all of the hair was gone.  He let me pet his nose but when I reached up to brush his forelock away he jerked his head up in the air and backed off and walked away.  He wouldn't let me catch him.  Lee Ann tried, Craig tried and he was having none of it.  I tried after they left and he was not letting me get close. 

I went back to the barn later with Barry and he would let Barry catch him either.  Lisa came by and I told her what was going on and later Biscuit let her catch him and doctor it. 

I went out Wednesday and he still wouldn't let me catch him.  I tried Thursday and no go.  Friday evening Barry and I went out there and he allowed me to pet him and get close but we still couldn't catch him.  Toni, John, Alex and Hannah met us out there and brought back my Aussie Saddle.  They got to meet the boys and they fed them grass. 

Hoping to catch him later!


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