Monday, May 27, 2013

I miss riding!

For some reason I couldn't add pictures for the past couple of weeks.  Here are some pictures I had wanted to share...

This is Biscuit's bobo.  OMG he knocked the snot out of himself and then didn't want anything near his head.  It seemed to have just knocked the hair off.  My poor Biscuit man. 

 Shanna riding Biscuit.  He was a good boy.  The arena was pretty dang wet though.  I got to brush him and hug him up.

Maz came out and wanted to ride on the horses.  She wasn't the least bit afraid.  She will be my riding buddy one day.  Biscuit and Sarge both were as sweet as they could be.

I have been out to the barn to see the horses regularly.  Biscuit had a bunch of flies eating on his back and it was grainy feeling so I put SWAT on it.  I am going out to the barn tomorrow and give him a bath after we come home from Lori's or I may go in the morning.

I miss riding on Sundays with Kellie.  She went up to Ebenezer last weekend and was there for 5 days.  She said Elan has lost weight and her saddle was slipping.  Dang.  That bites.   She loves her Steele saddle.  I am hoping to get one when I start back riding.  

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I also like horse riding but I never did it, if I get a chance for horse riding I dont want to loose it.....