Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Visiting my boys at the barn

Went to the barn and got to see Alison's baby for the first time.  OMG he is precious!  Such a sweet happy little fellow.  Lee Ann B was there she told me about their ride at Big Sandy.  They rode 18 miles.  I was so jealous!!!  Lee Ann P was working Legato in the arena.  She said she started off bad and she thought she had ruined her on the ride - that is until a whip was brought out and Legato miraculously recovered!  I almost didn't recognize Legato - it was her mane that threw me off.  It looked like it had grown 6 inches!  She had the part nearest her shoulders braided.  Lee Ann B said Rogue was a little overweight and a little cresty and Lee P thought the same of Legato. 

I went down to see Biscuit and Sarge.  I was checking their necks for crestiness!  (is that a word?)  Sarge didn't seem to be have a thick crest but Biscuit seemed to have just a little bit.  Our little Shetland pony was so cresty it is a wonder that poor little darling didn't founder!  

I was hugging up my boys and petting them.  Pulled clover for them.  Scratched Biscuit's head for him near his bobo and hair was flying out.  Must have been a little itchy; he seemed to really like it!  They both have gorgeous coats right now.  Biscuit is so shiny and has a really golden sheen - Sarge's coat has slicked off and his copper highlights are shiny as can be.  That has got to be the sweetest horse in the world. 

Got a treat sister?  I am looking very thin ya know!

Yes, his butt is shiny!!!

Shoulder has loads of sheen

Teeth could use a tad bit of toothpaste!!  

He couldn't stop yawning!!!  LOL  He is so funny

Biscuit in deep thought

The feed wagon should be along any moment now!!

Sarge waiting at the gate...feed time is just around the corner

Sarge wanting some clover

my shiny copper penny

Sarge looks wonderful...such a pretty boy

They both look healthy!

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