Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My boys are the bomb!

Saturday evening my riding buddy and cousin, Kellie, came and took me out to see my horses!  OMG what a wonderful present.  She and Randy came and picked me up!  I sat up front with Randy because it was easier to get into the front seat of the truck. 

We got out to the pasture and the horses were on the other side trying to convince Lisa to give them treats.  I hollered at them and omg they came RUNNING to me.  Well, Biscuit veered over to Barry because he had been there twice recently with carrots!  LOL  I had to laugh at my boys.  They looked gorgeous!  Fat and Sassy!!  Biscuit has gained weight and totally shed out.  He is slick and GOLDEN as he can be.  Never saw my boy so gold!!!!!  Sarge has shed out for the most part and has the fabulous metallic look he always gets.

It had been three weeks since I had seen my boys!!

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