Sunday, March 23, 2014

Treating Feet

I went out to the barn Wednesday and Biscuit refused to let me halter him and walked away.  I did manage to shut him in the little corral and told Edgar not to feed them.

I went back later with Barry and he still wouldn't let me catch him.  He did allow Barry to catch him and once he is caught he is fine.  Kellie said he was bipolar and she may be right!

I went out everyday to treat that hoof.  Thursday and Friday he let me catch him with no problem.  Heck he ran to me Friday - I had alfalfa.

Elan is sick and was at the vet for several days with a stomach bug that had him running fever.  Kellie was pretty upset that her boy was so ill.  He came home Saturday around noon.

Barry and I stopped by to see him after delivering a wedding cake.  He had lost some weight.  No riding for him for 2 weeks.

I will try to go out and ride Biscuit Tuesday.  I couldn't ride this weekend due to cakes and Ava's birthday.  I miss riding and want to go!  I told Barry I want to haul up to Ebenezer and ride even if it is by myself.  I am familiar with the trails and Biscuit behaves so I am not afraid.  I could even maybe go with Alex and Red.  Just want to ride!  Wish the trails in Tyrrell would dry up - I would so be riding there!!!

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