Thursday, February 9, 2012

Allison is going to help!!!

I didn't get out to the barn till late.  I had wanted to ride but I had cake stuff to take care of...I lost my  wallet...had to run back to get it and THANK GOD it was there.  I had left it in the basket at HEB.  It was still there.  Chase is a cart jockey out there and he was helping me look and voila - there it was with all contents in it.  I was so glad!!

When I got to the barn Lee Ann P and Allison were in the big arena with Avery and she had jumps set up.  She took him over them for me!  Woot!!!!  Allison offered to go with me down the ranch road to make sure I don't get scared or Biscuit give me trouble.  I used to ride Red down that way all the time!

Allison has started Nursing School and she will only have Saturday to ride Biscuit but she is off tomorrow so he will be rode tomorrow.  I will go out there if I have the time tomorrow. 

I went down to the paddock to hug up my boys.  They were munching their hay so they weren't that interested in me!!! 

Yesterday, Margaret was here and I sent my cantle bag with the broken zipper with her and she said Ronnie could fix it.  Woot!  That will be wonderful.  They did send me another one and so I will use this one to carry extra stuff when we go trail riding.

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