Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Barefoot Trimming on Sarge and One Year of Doing It Myself!

I needed to do Sarge's hooves.  I went out to the barn and it was a nice sun shiny day.  I drove down to the pasture and Sarge and Biscuit were way out in the paddock.  Both of them walked in though.  Biscuit got there first and I hugged him up.  I put the halter on Sarge and headed for the barn.  I tied him up on the wash rack and gathered up my farrier tools. 

Circular knive - if you don't have one - Get One!!!  They are wonderful.  I sharpened it before I started.

Bellatto Rasp

Hoof Stand

Gloves are a must.  I started out without them like a dummy but quickly got up and got them on.  I cleaned Sarge's hooves and his bars had grown.  His heels were growing like crazy.  I noticed he has a deep cleft in one frog - a frog that looks pretty tattered.  The only one that does.  I will get after that tomorrow.  I will have to go buy some Neosporin and Athlete's Feet Ointment.  Mix a 50/50 mixture and push in with a syringe - then put Desitin on top of that to keep water out. 

I started with the knife and scraped out the powdery stuff, cut down the bars, cleared the channels in the back and trimmed the tip of the frogs just a tiny bit.  I went all around his feet and he gave me some flack but he was better than he has been in the past.  He was a little skittish today but he is always sweet and wanting hugs and kisses. 

After I used the knife, I started with the rasp.  I didn't want to use the nippers.  I rasped down the heels until I had a little arrow shape at the back what I haven't been doing right!!  Lee Ann P helped me with that when I did Biscuit's feet last time.  I rasped and rasped - Sarge pulled his feet back a few times and I just kept hanging on to that hoof!

After I did that I changed the cradle on the hoof stand for the rounded post.  I had Sarge's front hoof way out in front which made the mustang roll pretty easy to do. We took the class one year ago tomorrow I think.  We have come a long way in one year.  It used to take me FOREVER to do their hooves.  It is still not easy but I am getting better at it each and every time I do it.  I am understanding more and more.

Sarge's feet have a wonderful convex shape - I hope to get Biscuit's feet there one day. 

Sarge got a few handful's of alfalfa as a treat.  I then groomed him.  His hair is dry and he has dandruff!!  Ugh...I curried him all over and then brushed him.  He needs lots of grooming.  Some elbow grease from his owner would help.  I cleared out his mane and tail, brushed his face and forelock.  I sprayed him with flyspray.  Lee Ann thought his feet looked pretty good - Yay!!! 

I am going to go buy corn oil for him and get Edgar to give him some in the morning and evening.  I want him to look good this spring. 

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