Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trimming Biscuit's Feet and making a plan to improve

I went out and got The Biscuit today.  I debated on whether to ride or to work on hooves.  Hooves won out.  I did groom Biscuit and he is shedding like crazy.  His number is still on his butt but is coming off.  I cleaned out his feet and then got my tools.  I am not pulling those heels down enough.  Lee Ann helped me with that.  I think I have been a little too cautious on pulling down those heels.  I just used the rasp and his yukky spots are just about gone.  I think in 3 weeks they will be gone.  Wow.  It has taken a LONG time. 

He gave me a little flack but not too bad.  Hahaha...Lee Ann said I was too patient.  Probably so!!!! 

Lee Ann and I talked about what to do to overcome my own fears and I am going to start riding down the ranch road and eventually in between the paddocks.  That will get Biscuit accustomed to horses running here and there.  She is planning on riding in the 7IL High Roller.  That is 11 months away.  I am sure I can get myself together by then.  Starting working on it tomorrow!

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