Thursday, February 2, 2012

So excited about our ride!!!

Lee Ann P and I are excited, nervous and scared witless.  The weather is supposed to be NASTY - raining on Saturday.  Gaaaa!!!!  The ride starts at 8:00 AM.  It is supposed to be storming then.  We will see.  I don't mind riding in the rain - but riding 25 miles wet won't be fun.  I did go an purchase Frogg Toggs - they are way too big - better too big than too small though.

It isn't supposed to be cold so I am planning on wearing my Cuddl Duds shirt with my Magellan shirt over that and then my Frogg Toggs.  May wear a long rain coat if it is, in fact, storming.  I did go and buy Biscuit a new hay bag - it is purple of course. 

I went to the barn and attached the pommel and cantle bag to my saddle.  I washed my hoof boots and packed my saddle in the trailer, my grooming stuff and bridle.  I borrowed Lee-Ann B's sponge and used my other closed rein as the leash for it.  So if I need another rein I will have one with me doing double duty. 

i am going to sleep on the cot instead of the air mattress.  It will be easier to set up/take down when we are ready to come home.  I imagine we will be pretty tired. 

I will really be pushing myself to complete this ride.  I have never rode 25 miles at one time - the most was 17 miles in one day.  We have 6 hours to complete the ride.  I have my Garmin and cameras ready to go. 

Lee Ann and I plan on leaving around 10:30 and driving to Houston.  We will set up our pens hopefully, without it raining.  If it starts storming with lightening, we are going to put the horses in the trailer with their hay bags.  Biscuit will be just fine with that.  Give him some hay and he is happy.  We will saddle them up and let the other riders leave and then mount up and go.  Can't wait to see the trails at the ride meeting.  I have waited 3 years for this - I hope I am ready.

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