Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kelsie rides The Biscuit and taking the Brenderup in

Kelsie came out to the barn with me to ride Biscuit.   I groomed him before tacking him up...he was a pig.   She had a great time.  Biscuit was a good boy and didn't give her too much baloney.  Allison then changed his tack to English.  She doesn't like riding my saddle because she said it puts her forward.  Lee Ann P said it puts her forward too.  It did seem Sunday to put me a little more forward but this seems to be a more recent thing for me.  Lee Ann said to talk to the makers and see if it can be adjusted.

Allison rode Biscuit in the arena and he did a pretty good job.  He gave her some flack but basically was a good boy.  She cantered him 3 times.   I recorded the lesson on my little camera.  It is fabulous. 

I took the Brenderup to Duvall's to see what the heck ins up with the lights and Barry's truck for that matter.  I had to leave it overnight but they found the problem - some module out in the car and wires loose in the connector.  It was $120 but the lights work!!!  yay!!!

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