Friday, December 7, 2012

Arena Riding

I went out to the barn and got Biscuit out of the pasture.  I got him up on the washrack and Lee Ann P came out.  Legato is doing way way way better and Dr. Sherwood said she was going to be fine.  Lee Ann tacked up Shalom while I brushed and tacked up Biscuit. I went to get on and my leg didn't push when I asked it to push.  I almost had a cow.  Lee Ann held Biscuit and told me to PUSH.  I was able to get on thank God.  This weak leg, numb feet thing has to go.  It is worrying me.  Morgan and Cody showed up just when I was getting on.

Biscuit and I went around and around the arena - he was being a toot about moving towards the center and not staying by the rail when we were going with his right to the rail.  I can pop him with my right hand holding the reins and the crop but quickly found out I can't with the left!!!  Hahahah  I will have to work on that skill set!  We did some backing up and some side passing.  One turn on the forehand.  He wanted to speed up at times and that head was going up when I wouldn't let him.  I locked my hands at my sides and made him go around twice without moving off the rail before our ride ended.  We didn't ride that long....maybe 30 minutes if that long.  Lee Ann was riding Shalom and she did a fantastic job.  Shalom is a very nice girl!

I enjoyed my ride and then got off.

I cleaned up some of his poop and washed it off and put the hose over his back.  It now dangles from the top and it bumped him and he had a cow thinking it was killing him.  He spooked and it and was moving sideways bumping into me and I was trying to get out of his way without falling.  Thank goodness I was able to and told him to calm down.  He was scared to death of that hose.  I untied him and calmed him down - lol he had a terrified look on his face and kept touching me with his nose.  He does that now when he gets scared or upset...he reaches out and touches me with his nose.  I think that is what he was doing a long time ago when we would go by the little tumbled down building and I thought he was trying to nip me.  Poor baby!

Lee Ann and I were standing there talking about endurance riding and all three horses were on lead ropes.  Shalom got irritated with Legato and pickup her butt and both barrels!  She didn't kick Legato though but she got her butt in a little bit of hot water.  Legato is better - she has a little trouble backing up and turning on her back legs but since it has only been 2 weeks she is doing great.  Dr. Sherwood looked at her and said she was fine and would totally recover.  Thank God.  I took Biscuit back to his paddock and turned him out.

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