Monday, December 10, 2012

Riding in the Rain

I loaded up and hauled out to get Biscuit.  He walked to the back of the pasture and I cripped my way out there to get him.  Sarge didn't even bother to walk off because Barry wasn't with me!  hahahah  It is so funny how they KNOW.  They do pay attention!  I loaded up The Biscuit and hauled to the park.  I got there before Kellie and started brushing Biscuit.  Kellie arrived.  Randy had sent me a HUGE cabbage and I put it in the trailer.   We tacked up.  We mounted up and thank God I was able to get on with no trouble.  

We went to the right and down to the matt.  There was a man standing on it and we asked about how long it would take once they started putting in the pipe line.  He said about 2 weeks and they would bore under the wetlands and Hildebrandt Bayou.  They may block us from that side of the woods but 2 weeks isn't bad.

We rode around to the little trail and went down that.  Someone was cutting with a chain saw not far from the trails near Cattail Marsh.  We went back to the main trail and went out by the front and went down the grass and around the front of the stables.  Over to the cars and then back into the woods and we went to the left.  We got around the first turn and it started sprinkling a little more.  Kept going....later started just RAINING.  We got to the huge cut ride away and went that way walking down where they had cut everything because it wasn't slippery with mud.  Kellie had put on her poncho but I didn't have mine with me.  I ended up soaking wet but I like riding in the rain.  We went up to the main trail and headed for the barn.  Elan was slipping in the mud because of his shoes.  We got to the trailer and went over to where Kellie's neighbor was having a photo shoot.  We were going to walk the horses under the eaves of the barn but Biscuit wasn't too hip on that!!  We went to the trailers and took their tack off.  I was soaking wet and had to take Barrys saddle off  of the top and move it to the bottom and still hang onto my saddle Ugh.

Kellie's truck was right behind the trailer and Biscuit was reluctant to load up so I had to maneuver him so he'd feel secure and up he went.  I got my RAV soaking wet.  Dang!!!

I took some pics of Biscuit and Kellie's neighbor took a picture of us soaking wet.  hahahahahha  we had fun rain or not rain!

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