Sunday, December 16, 2012

Walking Tyrrell Park

Barry and I hauled out to the barn to get the horses.  Biscuit turned and walked off - Sarge soon followed.  OMG they started running all over the paddock - Biscuit was flagging his tail and channeling his Arabian side.  Much of the time he was extended trotting and he has a gorgeous extended trot that can really cover some ground.  It was a pleasure watching him and I told Barry to let the run til they were ready to be loaded up....they need the exercise.  I finally caught Biscuit and he quietly walked into the trailer.  Wish I had had my camera on so I could have caught all of that action!!

We had to feed them when we got up to the barn and load up my saddle.  Sarge broke the hanger for the bucket and it must have scared them when his feed bucket hit the floor and the entire trailer jumped back like they were fighting in there.  We had to get a chain to tie it up with.  We took off for the park and unloaded.  I brushed Biscuit and cleaned his hooves.  I tacked him up and was very careful mounting up.  We walked over to where the old round pen was and met two was Tammy that I knew owned one of the Arabs from the ranch and have talked on the Horse Forum with her.  The other lady I introduced myself to and she said she was Mona and I knew her last name was LaBleu.  LOL  I went to school with her and we used to discuss horses as kids.  I told her I was Denise Guntner but that didn't ring a bell.  Hummm....then I said I went by Wilson in elementary and then she remembered who I was!  How funny!!!  Robin, Big Randy, Kenny and a young teacher named KD joined us.  KD did the bomb proof clinic with us.

We went through the woods that were dry as they could be.  Last week it was POURING rain in there.  We went over the mat and Biscuit just very dutifully walked over it.  We went out on Willow Bayou and down past the resident alligator.  We crossed the bridge and went straight to the right side of the bog.  Such a nice day to be out riding.  Somewhat overcast and a little breeze blowing.  We hadn't got too far down just past the big bog area when a pack of pigs came running out about 20' in front of us.  They ran down about 20' and went back in the brush!  I counted 12 - about 3 large sows and the rest were little piglets.  Barry and Kellie were in front and I was directly behind them.  Not one of the horses so much as flinched.  Good Boys!!!  Kenny had to go back so he was missed on the rest of the ride on that darling little Halflinger.  I could just kiss this pony up he is so cute!!!

We got down to the point and stopped and rested a few minutes and then took off again.  We went all down the back of the bayou and came back up.  Sarge was backing up at one point over something and bumped into me and a slightly squished leg ensued but all was good.

We were crossing the bridge and Barry got off and walked Sarge because he picked up a rock in his hoof.  He cleaned out Biscuit and Sarge's hooves at the bridge.  I didn't want to dismount.  We went back up the bayou and Elan was wanting to move out and Kellie kept making him circle to slow him down.  He was not a happy camper.  I had Biscuit collected up and walking and poor guy finally broke into the SLOWEST jog "see sister, I can jog this slow if you will let me".  Poor guy!  Poor me!  Walking was actually HARDER on my legs, feet and pelvis than standing up in the stirrups and posting.  Ugh.....I don't know if my backside with survive the walking!

We took our tack off and I rinsed Biscuit off.  He was a mess - cleaned his hooves and gave him lots of treats.  Gave quiet a few to Elan too.  He was watching me for his treats.

KD took this picture in the front of the woods .  Biscuit's cantle bag is crooked!!!
Kellie, Barry, Robin, KD and I went over to the picnic table to eat our lunch.  Susan was on her way to give Kellie some satsumas.  We waited til she got there and she had Dulci with her.  Dulci looked like a million bucks!!!  It was so nice to see Sue.  Haven't seen her in a coon's age.  Kellie gave me some of the satsumas and OMG they were delicious!  We loaded up and hauled home.  I always enjoy my rides but walking the entire way really made my legs and feet unhappy.  I am certainly no speed queen but standing up in the saddle and jogging really feels better.

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