Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trimming Biscuit's hooves and Barry Bareback Riding

I only made it out to the barn twice this past week to see the horses just briefly.  I am dealing with some health issues - found out I am diabetic.  Dang.  I am going to turn that one into a positive - I will have to lose weight to control the diabetes.  That is a plus for The Biscuit!  The other is I am not very stable on my feet - can't balance well and my feet and toes are numb.  Had MRI and have seen a neurosurgeon.  Have to go for another MRI and special blood tests.  It could be lots of things but as long as I can ride I will have to adjust.  Thank God I have a light saddle.  Wish it was even lighter as I am just so dang wobbly right now.  It has made mounting up a little difficult because I can't move quickly.  I am so glad my horse is a good boy!

Barry and I went to the barn Saturday.  I would have loved to rode but Biscuit needed his feet trimmed.  Lee Ann B was there and rode Rogue in the ring.  Barry rode Sarge bareback - he was cantering him and his butt wasn't even leaving the little patch he was sitting on!

Biscuit's feet were a little long - but I was able to get some concavity to his front hooves.  I had to nip them and then rasp.  I got out a hay bag with alfalfa in it for Biscuit to get him to stand a little better as I don't have balance.  What a pain in the butt!

Later I had to laugh at him.  He had pulled a very compressed piece of alfalfa out and it kept dropping on the ground.  I picked it up twice and put it back in the hay net.  I finally told him he needed to put it back in the bag himself.  Hahahaha....that horse understands English well.  He started rubbing it up and down on the bag trying to tear it open so he could eat it.  It was hilarious with him tossing it around.  I finally shredded it for him.  I only got his front feet done but they looked really nice.  I will finish his back feet Monday.  I will then have to start on Sarge's feet.  I told Barry he needs to go out there with me when I do and hold Sarge as he can be a toot.  Not bad or scary...he just refuses to pick up his feet sometimes.

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