Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One round around the arena

I went to the barn yesterday and all of the ladies were there, both Lee Anns and Alison and Lee Ann P's daughter.  I went down to get Biscuit and had to walk to the other side of the pasture to the other gate to get him.  They were laying in round bales today so the boys got a brand new round bale to munch on.

I brushed Biscuit at the pole by the tack room.  Lee Ann B was riding in the arena and I brought Biscuit in and mounted up.  He moved once and got fussed at.  He stood stock still when I mounted...good boy.  Went around twice and the ladies wanted to go out to lunch.  I took Biscuit's tack off and turned him out in one side of the arena. 

I stopped in at the office and paid the horses board and then we went to Carmella's for lunch.  Always fun to be with my peeps from the barn!  The nachos were great and Devin's (Lee Ann's daughter) burrito was called giant burrito and they weren't kidding - omg it would have fed all of us! 

We went back to the barn and Legato was kissing up Biscuit and then gave him the shove off.  He started running around the arena bucking and snorting.  :-)  He put on quiet a show!  I passed out treats to Tookie and the old mare Yoshreanna.  She is in her late 30's and she first had to sniff the treat repeatedly before she would accept it.  Tookie didn't need any such exercises...she gobbled it up!

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