Friday, February 15, 2013

Shedding out Mud Puppies. Red's New Home

I went to the barn yesterday.  OMG Sarge is a filthy beast.  He normally isn't a dirty horse and his jowl was covered in mud!! 

I went out there this afternoon and he wasn't as dirty.  I started with Biscuit and was currying him and brushing with a body brush.  OMG blonde hair was going everywhere!!!!  I set my brushes on his butt and they fell off and startled him and he scooted up about 10 feet.  LOL Poor guy.  I didn't mean for them to fall off and scare him.  I brushed his face and legs to get mud off and his body was shedding out.

I brushed Sarge.  His hair is curly.  It is the oddest thing!!  He was muddy and he in not in good shape at all.  His chest is soft and he is losing top line.  I need to start riding Sarge in the arena.  I love that horse so much!!!  He is such a nosy rosy.  He was digging in my tack bag.  I think he thought there was a snack in there for The Sarge.

My body brush quickly was clogged with hair!

Nibbling some grass.  He was swishing his tail to beat the band.  

This is just part of the hair that he lost today!
Red has gone on his first ACTHA ride.  I am hoping he does well with Alex.  She is already madly in love with him.  Too bad it was this weekend as we are going up to Ebenezer but he is at the ride west of Bryan/College Station.  I talked to Toni and she said Alex took him on the trails and Tammy's dog came too close and he kicked at him.  LOL  I forgot to tell Toni that Red sometimes takes umbrage to dogs that get in him personal space.  Not all dogs - he never got upset with Ginger or Candy, but he kicked at Maxwell when he ran across his personal space on the walker! 

So glad my Dashing Big Red is closer to me.  I am planning on going up there on a Monday and riding with Alex in the woods.  I can leave by 8:00 in the morning and get there around 10:00.  Alex gets off at 11:30 and we can eat a quick lunch and be on our way.  I can't wait to explore the woods from Tammy's stable. 

Here are some pictures of my Sccweeet Man and Alex.  I can't wait to hear how they do.  The first picture looks like Alex is swearing in as Red "Cary Grant's" owner!!!  She was stunned!

Her first is raining...but it was raining the first time I saw Red so that is a good sign!!! 

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