Sunday, February 3, 2013

Riding in the arena

I went out and got Biscuit out of his paddock and walked him up to the wash rack.  I curried and then brushed him all over.  He is shedding and hair was flying all over the place.  I used my round knife to clear out his frog channels....just a little touch up.  He got several handfuls of treats.

I saddled him up and took him in to the arena.  He moved the first time I went to mount up and I fussed at him and put him back in the right spot.  I was able to mount up with no trouble.  We walked for a few rounds and then started jogging/trotting.  He did a good job after he settle down.  He always tries to evade the bit by turning his head to the left.  He was a total toot about backing up but he yielded across the arena dang near perfect.  We rode for about 36 minutes and then I put him up.  I gave Sarge a carrot. 

I am hoping to ride every day this week except for Thursday.  It will be in the arena but better than not riding at all. 

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