Monday, June 3, 2013

Cleaning my saddle and fitting it on Sarge

I brought my Allegany Renegade Endurance saddle home the other day to clean it and take new pictures of it.  It was a little dusty because it has just been sitting in the tack room.  I used the Bick4 conditioner Staci told me to use so that it wouldn't darken.

I wiped the conditioner all over the saddle and used it on the ties.  It is such a pretty saddle.  I hate the thought of selling it because I really like it.

Sunday I took the saddle and the girth out to the barn.  Stopped and got my saddle pad and Biscuit's bridle.  We went down to the pasture and I got in there to hug up my boys.  Barry handed me my bridle and I put it on Sarge.  He looks GORGEOUS in purple.  Even better than Biscuit!  We put the saddle on and I had to put the girth back on.

I took this picture of Sarge with the saddle.  It fits him just fine. 

Barry mounted up and rode him around.  He said he didn't care for the saddle but that it was comfortable.  Biscuit started cantering around after Barry and Sarge.  He is so funny.  

The saddle fits Sarge and it fits Biscuit but it does push forward on Biscuit.  Dang.....looked up fitting roach backed horses with saddles and it was non too promising.  Ugh.....I hate going through all of that again.  What a nightmare. 

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