Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ebenezer was a blast

Barry and I got up on Friday, February 14 and went out to pick up the horses.  We loaded the tack and Barry walked down to the pasture and walked the horses back up.  We loaded Sarge up in front and Biscuit in the back.  He slipped badly getting in poor fellow.

We hauled up to the park and Barry was going faster than I liked and it was making me nervous as we have never hauled this trailer nor hauled with this truck.  We got there ok.  Took the boys out and put them in the pens and unhooked the trailer.

We went to eat at The Stump with Kellie and Randy, Kent, Dusty and Staci.  After dinner we went back to the camp.  Jimmy Zinn came up later as did James and Beverly.  I was making the bed in the trailer when Jimmy came to see it and bless his heart - he brought me a "Queen of the Living Quarter's" Tee shirt!  What a sweetheart.

When we first got there the trickle charger wasn't charging.  We were surrounded by electricians and they were figuring all of that out.

For dinner I reheated some chicken wings in the rice pot and we had a nice little supper.  We sat around the camp fire at Kent's camp Friday night.  It was chilly.

I was tired and we went to bed fairly early.  It is a tight fit but doable.  We didn't turn on the heater til 5:00 AM Saturday morning.  I used pillows to make sure light/ drafts didn't come through the windows.  I took a sponge bath and had nice hot water!  I had purchased 5 purple bath towels to hang through the bars in the back windows and that worked like a charm.

The next morning we had a eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast.  I cooked in the electric skillet using the cutting board to make the area larger.  It was nice to be able to heat/cook something for breakfast INSIDE.

We tacked up and went for a ride.  Biscuit was pretty good the first half of the ride but got a little charged up the last half of the ride.  He always behaves but he was a bit of a handful.  Bev came off her little gelding but she wasn't hurt thank goodness.  When we first started out Bella ran in front of him a few times and he tried to bite her.  I stopped him just before he chomped down on her back.

We all went and ate at the Stump for lunch.  Lots of laughing and cutting up.  After lunch Barry and I went to Jasper to get fuses as I blew out the Microwave.  We went to Wal-Mart and an auto store.

We rode again Saturday afternoon and went on the trail that circles around a low area. Biscuit leaped over a little stream of water and "soft" area.  Dang, he nearly unseated me and my right foot came out of my stirrup.  Jimmy was right behind me and he said he thought I was going over the handlebars!

Great time!  We had a huge fish fry at Stacie and Dusty's and sat around the camp fire.  It was freaking COLD!  Stacie brought me a blanket.

We turned in and I used the shower for the first time.  I washed my hair and didn't run out of hot water.

We turned the heater on and by 10:30 PM turned it off!  Way to hot in there.  I slept better Saturday night than I did Friday night.

Made breakfast Sunday morning and we saddled up for a ride.  So much fun!!!  We rode 12 miles that weekend.  We took a new "trail" that was marked - it was not really a trail but it was fun.  Did a little jogging on Biscuit.

I picked up and cleaned up.  Took the little potty to dump it out.  The very best thing about the weekend was having a place to use the potty without having to go up the hill to use the public ones.  OMG It sure saved my legs but I was having a hard time getting around.

I nearly fell when I stumbled on the mat and slammed into the wheel well.  Ugh.  Scared the snot out of Biscuit.  I cleaned the pens out.  When we were ready to load I told Barry Biscuit should go in the front as he is too long bodied to get in the short back with the curve.  We tried to load him and he was having none of it.  James picked up a branch and he nearly had a melt down.  James put it down and he got Biscuit to follow him in.  Biscuit LEAPED in there.  Ugh...He needs to calm down.

We said our goodbyes to everyone and took off.  A fricktard pulled out in front of us almost to Jasper.  Ugh.  It was not a good experience.  I could feel the horses scrambling for footing and I was screaming at Barry RED LIGHT RED LIGHT RED LIGHT.  I couldn't feel him braking and the red light was right there.  Ugh.  He was pretty pissed off at me but I don't think he saw it.

When we got to the barn to take Biscuit out he scrambled out too fast.  Going to have to work on his skills in this trailer.  I think he slipped both times getting in it so he expects a problem.

Can't wait to go again.

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