Thursday, April 9, 2015

Monday Blues

I went out to the Barn Monday and woo hoo  Biscuit came to me.  I was afraid the riding may make him start refusing to come to me.  I walked him and let him eat grass.  He was up to his belly in grass. 

I took him up to the front and the Lee Ann's were there.  I noticed his back was a little swollen again.  I wasn't when I rode Sunday.  Gaaaaaaaaa....I soaked Biscuit's feet while talking with them.  Lee Ann P suggested I called Darolyn for a saddle fitting for a Saare Saddle.  Sigh.  I am so sick of saddle fitting blues.  I called Darolyn and made an appointment for Tuesday at noon.  I groomed Biscuit and dang...there were two lumps on his side about 4 inches from his spine and about 3 inches apart.  One was a little tick...which I pulled off.  There was a tick on him 2 weeks ago.  YUK!  The other was just a place where the tick was and then moved.  On the lookout for ticks now. 

I got out my hoof knife and rasp and did Biscuit's front feet.  They look so much better.  Got to soak more!!!

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