Thursday, April 9, 2015

Saturday ride with Kent and Barry

The Posse was supposed to ride but eye injury of Aladin kept Kellie from going.  Barry was going with me.  I stayed at the barn to load up the tack while Barry went down to get the horses.

I loaded saddles, blankets, bridles and no Barry.  I walked down to where I could see the pastures and could see Biscuit trotting around.  Ugh.  So I walked down there and he had ran from Barry.  FAIL!!!  He came in halfway to me and trotted off.  I wasn't going to chase him - so counter productive.  I started walking back and here comes Barry with Sarge.  Biscuit then came into the corral and Barry shut it behind him and haltered him.

Kent was at the stables when we got there.  We tacked up and headed out.  I rode in Kellie's Circle Y.  We got just a little way down Cattail and Jerico started tossing his head and then threw in a little buck.  Kent checked to make sure the bit wasn't under his tongue and no rocks in his feet.  We went on and still he was tossing that head and throwing in little bucks.  He eventually stopped.  Kent thought too much rice bran!!!

A flock of Black Throated Blue Warblers were all around us at Willow Bayou.  So pretty!  So very blue and chirping up a storm.  Wish I could have got a good picture!!!

We went out the back and we saw muskrats/otter/something but it was too far to tell exactly what it was plus we saw Rosate Spoonbills!  We got down to Hildebrandt and Barry didn't want to go down the little trail to get to the main trail - but Biscuit and I did.  Way to go Biscuit!!! 
Barry trotted some and OMG that KILLED my knee.  The saddle was torquing my knee and I twisted the leather some and that helped.   Jogging didn't hurt.  We went up the other side and Bella was running in and out around Biscuit and he finally was fixated on her like a laser but he did behave.  She stopped and sat on the trail right in front of her and he did hit her with his leg but he was trying to go around her.  I was surprised.  He always wants to drop kick her.  

We crossed over the bridge and Barry wanted to canter Sarge as he was ready to GO.  I put Biscuit in a jog and we pretty much jogged all the way back to the gate of Cattail Marsh.  Jogged more going to the stables.  It was a good ride - sun shining to beat the band but it was a little windy.  Great day.  I hosed my horse off and we loaded up. 

Another 8.2 miles.  Hoping to make up for lost time. 

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