Friday, April 3, 2015

Working with Sarge and Biscuit

Wednesday out to the barn and Mike the farrier was there.  Thank goodness I had money with me and I had Andrew, his son, put new gators on my hoof boots.  LOL Mike said "didn't you just get gators?"  I said yes and that they were chewed by the dogs. 

I worked with Sarge and Biscuit with the surcingle.  Lee Ann showed me how to take up the slack on the outside rein when I was working with Biscuit.  He did a great job and so did Sarge.

Thursday I met Cherie in Kountze and loaned her my saddle.  I hope it fits her horse.  I went out to the barn and brought my horses both back up and soaked Biscuit's hooves for 45 minutes and worked Sarge in the arena.  He did a great job.  A few fusses but not much.  I worked him for 30 minutes.  I really want to get Sarge back in shape. 

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