Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hauling to Darolyn Butler's Barn

Biscuit came to me!  Woot!!  He was rewarded for doing so.  Don't want to revert to what I had before.

I took him to the wash rack and brushed him and cleaned his hooves.  He is still shedding.  I loaded him up and Jamie and Edgar closed the ramp for me.  I left at 9:40 AM.  Got half way there and realized I had left my dang credit card - I had no cash.  No lunch for me but I did eat Biscuit's carrots.  I hauled slow and steady and got to Darolyn's at 11:50 AM.  I knew she had an appointment.  They called her and she was on a ride at Pundt Park.  Her other saddle fitters started with Biscuit - they used little forms kind of like Allegany uses.  They were a little flummoxed by his little shoulder bulges.  Darolyn arrived and she tried several on him and then said no saddle would fit him and to get a shimmed saddle pad.  Oh my stars.

She decided an E saddle would work  for Biscuit.  She hah 15" E and she tacked him up with a thicker pad.  She told me to cut my shims and sew them into my Equipedic.  I can get Devin to do that at work on his super duper sewing machine.  Anywhoo.  I rode Biscuit in that saddle - LOL I actually fit in it which was nice.  I was more comfortable in that saddle than in the Steele.  I put the Steele on for Darolyn and with shims it would probably fit but I am going to go with the Saare.  She had her eyes and hands on Biscuit.  That makes a difference.  The saddle is much wider than my Allegany.  I will have to shim his back and get a thicker pad which I can certainly do.

Darolyn is going to get in contact with the saddle maker for Saare and have him call me tomorrow.  I loaded Biscuit back up and hauled home.  He was such a good boy while we were there. 

I talked it over with Lee Ann P when I got back.  I think this will be the best solution for me.

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