Thursday, April 9, 2015

Good Friday ride

Kellie and I went for a ride on Good Friday.  I got out to the barn and went down to where Edgar and Jamie were working and asked if they could pick up my ramp for me.  They said yes so I got Biscuit - thank God he comes to me now.  I took him to where I have the trailer and tied him to the side where Sadda couldn't see him.  I hooked up the trailer and thank goodness Sadda went into his stall - I was able to get Biscuit in without fussing at Sadda!!

I hauled out to the park and Kellie and I arrived at exactly the same time.  I got Biscuit out and tacked him up.  He was a little pissy about his feet but gave them to me anyway.  Good boy.

We went out the front of the stables as the woods are too wet still and probably will be for a long time.  Ugh.  We went out Cattail and down the bog area.  It wasn't wet out in the back surprisingly enough.  Gorgeous out there even though it was overcast.  Nice slow ride for my first 8.22 mile ride in a long time.

My horse behaved beautifully.  He did start stumbling some - the Aussie was falling down on his withers.  Ugh.  We got back to the stables and I noticed his left shoulder had a swollen area.  Ok.  this saddle will not do but I can have it adjusted.

A young black kid of 12 (little bitty fellow!) wanted to pet the horses.  He stayed around watching them graze.  He had a phone app of neighing horses and the horses were looking for the  horse that was neighing. It was pretty funny.  They looked like the Yin and Yang.  Kellie and I had our Lunchables and the hauled home.

Biscuit was such a good boy!!

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