Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Biscuit and Sarge to the Vet

I called Doc Friday while driving to Houma to pick up Devin.  I told him about Biscuit's coughing and the line up his side.  He said bring them in Saturday at noon.

I drove 500 miles Friday to get Devin - poor guy got sick while out of town working.  I then made an accordian cake for Saturday.  Went to the barn to see the horses.

I got up Saturday and left for the barn about 10:45.  Barry walked the horses up to the front and hosed them off and I hooked up the trailer and washed it out.   We loaded them up and hauled them to Doc's.

We had to wait an hour for Doc.  My horses were very patient and well  behaved  Doc blood from Biscuit and listened to his lungs.  He put the big glove over his nose to make him br beath deep.   Biscuit tolerated it but I could see he was a little scared, poor baby.

Doc prescribed a huge antibiotic once a day for 6 days - plus an airway dialator to help him cough it up.  No riding for a few weeks.

Sarge is wheezing so Dex 3cc every other day to get it under control.  I left the vet $453 poorer but my horses are taken care of.

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