Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Doing Sarge's feet

I went out to the barn every afternoon except for Friday.  Barry went with me a few times and I took the horses carrots and Sister went with us.

Sunday I asked him to go with me to cool the horses off.  He walked the horses up and we hoses them off.  Sarge and Biscuit  were full of sweat.  They both got scrubbed with Orvis shampoo and brushed.

I then got out my trimming tools and started on Sarge's back right where the crack is.  I used my nippers because it had been about 4 weeks since I had done his feet.  The broken area is almost gone.
He gave me trash like he did last time and yep, I ended up dumped off my chair again.  Barry helped me up and I was soaking wet.  Sarge kept giving me trash and I really got onto him.  I yanked on his halter and talked loud and cranky after popping him on the chest.  He was much better after that.  Barry was making all kinds of excuses for him.  I did manage to get all 4 feet done - top and bottom.  Woot.  He has really nice feet.

I made more bedadine cotton and stuffed in the holes in Biscuit's hooves.  OMG they are almost totally healed.  I will do his feet Wednesdays or Thursday.

I went out there today with Sister and Biscuit was the one coughing up a storm.  I am going to call the vet and haul him there tomorrow or Wednesday.  I am a little concerned.  I did give him some Benedryl.

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