Monday, August 3, 2015

Riding in the woods FINALLY

Kellie and I made plans to ride out in Tyrrell Park.  I went Saturday night and put Biscuit up in the arena so I wouldn't have a problem catching him.  I got to the barn and fed him and brought the trailer around.  I then put on his hoof boots and brushed him off.  He was a toot about putting on the boots;

Jamie screwed the bar that pulled loose back.  The wires that light the license tag are pulled off so that will need to be repaired.  I notice a crack in the new backing by the tornado episode.  Going to check that out with Danny and make sure it won't cause a problem.

Loaded Biscuit with no problems and headed for the park.  I got there just a little before Kellie and started tacking him up and he was a little nervous as he generally is tacking up. Got him tacked up and mounted up and off we went into the woods!  Yes we were able to go into the woods.

Some places are dry  but still lots of mud holes and soft places.  Lots of spiders.  I was whacking spiders left and right.  Got 2 on me that Kellie said I should be glad I couldn't see them.  My crop is a tangled mass of golden orb webs.

Sometimes we had to go on the sides right ont the edges of the to the outlet the bayou and cut through the brush.  We went around to the right of ways and come up the side of those in the shade.

Lots of spiders - but we made it...down the new trails too.  Woot.

We gave them baths and loaded up and headed home.

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