Saturday, August 29, 2015

Not a good week

I took the horses back to see Doc for a check up last Friday.  Biscuit got a good report.  No fluid on his lungs.  I had given him his shots and the pulmonary dialator every day.

I was thrilled that he was better.  The blood report showed an infection.  Doc said that was good news.

I went to the barn Sunday evening and he was coughing again.  I called Doc on Monday and he returned my call and said to put him on some more antibiotics.  I had some already.  I asked him if he had time to spay Sister as the other vet said they couldn't until September 5th.  He said yes and I set it up for Tuesday.

I doled out the meds for Biscuit in baggies and gave to Edgar.  Tuesday I took Sister to the small animal clinic - wow - Doc's new clinic in Hampshire-Fannett is pretty amazing.  Very nice.  She did great and was a little drugged up when we went to pick her up that evening.

Wednesday evening Barry and I went to the barn at sunset.  There were a bunch of cars down at the end of the ranch road and I said I saw Phil's car so it was them not the new boarders.  I gave Biscuit some carrots and he started coughing.  I told Barry maybe he is allergic to carrots or his throat is sore.
A truck came towards us from the back of the ranch and lo and behold, it was Doc.  He stopped and I said "just the man I wanted to see" and told him Biscuit was coughing.  He listened to him and and said he was wheezing and he knew that is not what I wanted to hear.  OMG I know I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

My face started leaking on the way home.  I went on the back porch with Sister.  My heart is just hurting for my horses.

Friday evening I went out there and poor Biscuit choked on his little bit of feed I gave him with his medication of the Benedryl.  Poor baby.  He is such a sweet horse and to have this is doubly cruel.

Kellie and I went to the vet clinic today to talk to Doc.  Vickie Warner happened to be there with her horse that is roaring.  OMG that sounds bad.  Doc said he'd recover.

As for Biscuit and Sarge, Doc said to take them up to Margaret's to check to see if they improve off of the Bahaia.  If they do, I will have to move them from Plum Nearly as there is nothing but Bahaia there.  That makes me sad just thinking about moving my horses.  I love Plum Nearly.

Margaret has agreed to take the boys for a week to see if they improve.  If they do, I will have to find a place to put them at least during the hot summer months.  :-(

Doc didn't offer any good news about COPD - sounds like in 4 or 5 years I will have very sick horses - what could be sadder than that?

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