Monday, August 3, 2015

Working on Biscuit's hooves

Went out to the barn yesterday with Sister and Barry.  :-)  she is a mess.  Barry walked her out to the water trough and made her sit and stay.  She did a great job.

I gave my boys carrots.  They are so sweet.

Today I got up and went out and got Biscuit and brought him up.  I saddled him up and rode a little bit in the arena but he started coughing.  I don't know if he got the alfalfa cross ways I gave him this morning.  I had worked on side passing and turning on the haunches.  I can't remember how to turn on the forehand.  I will have to work on that.  Anyway, he kept coughing so I got off of him.  Poor  guy!  I got out my rasp and went to work on his feet.

We stopped and I went to lunch with the Lee Ann's for Lee Ann P's birthday.

We got back and I started on his feet again.  They are looking fantastic!!  Working  on pulling those toes back!!  The stuffing of the cotton in the holes has worked like a charm.  Goodness, a few months ago three of these hooves were cut way up.  Now they are growing out and looking fantastic.  The back hooves are getting a little concavity and I was thrilled to see that!!

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