Monday, August 3, 2015

Pulling the Brenderup out of the ditch

I took all three grandkids to McDonalds and then  home.  After we ate we loaded up with the dog to Davis's Doughnuts and got chocolate doughnuts for Jamie and Edgar.   We went out to the barn and I talked to Jamie about pulling the Brenderup out of the ditch when he had time.

We went down to the pasture and here comes Jamie.  He started working on pulling it out - he hooked on to a bar in the back but that didn't work - it pulled the bar off on one side.   Edgar showed up and they finally pulled it onto the road and then hooked onto the front and turned it around so that I could pull around in front of it and they hooked it onto my RAV and I hauled it to the front.

Sister was having hissy fits in the car - she wanted out!! She wanted to be where the action was!

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