Friday, March 2, 2012

Riding Biscuit and Saddle Issues

I called Staci today and discussed my saddle issues.  She said send it back!!!  She can reposition the seat some.  She does have Renegade Endurance Saddle that I had said on Face Book that I liked.  It has a 17" seat but doesn't have the stamping designs that mine does.

I sent the saddle back Thursday and it will arrive to Levi the saddle maker on Wednesday.  I took pictures of it on Biscuit and here they are:

His back

From his butt

Side View

Another side view

Back of saddle

Barry's Saddle - I like the deep pocket of this saddle

Front of Biscuit's saddle

Biscuit's Saddle when I bought it last March 2011
I sent the pictures I took of Biscuit to Staci.  She said it looks like that since Biscuit has gotten more fit the saddle doesn't fit him right anymore.  UGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH  I was afraid of that!!!  He has slimmed up from all of the long slow distance training we have done.  His muscles are flatter and not as bulgy as they were before.  Kellie commented the other day that he looked like he had lost weight.  I don't know if he has actually lost weight or just trimmed it all up into muscle.  He certainly is way more fit than when we went to McKinney Roughs.  Here is a picture of Biscuit and Elan when we were there.  Biscuit got pretty darn tired on the last ride.  He just stopped trotting - his thought bubble said "I am done Sister.  NO MORE TROTTING."  He stretched out flat on his side when we got back to The Happy Horse Hotel and took a nap!!  He had gone 17 miles that day, stopping to have a long lunch in between rides.

Don't know what is going to happen but in the meantime I am going to ride in Barry's Billy Cook Saddle.  It is pretty comfortable and seems to fit The Biscuit.

Biscuit and I rode Wednesday and Thursday in the Arena.  He did a great job yesterday - jogging slow - trotting slow.  Tried to canter int he arena Wednesday but it didn't happen.  Hahahah  maybe another day.  I worked on side passing some and collecting up to back up.  He was backing up really well by the time our ride was over.  He got a few treats for being such a good boy. 


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog ! It has helped me with my horses in so many ways .

To me Biscuit looks a little bit of a down hill build ,like my quarter horse mare .Maybe it could be the ground being unlevel ?

Anonymous said...

Ooops ,I for got have in this part .....To me Biscuit looks a little bit of a down hill build ,

Denise said...

Glad you like the blog!!! I have had a blast with it. Biscuit is a tiny bit downhill but it looks like more because he has a slight roach back. The ground is pretty level he was on in these pictures. He has just really changed body shape!!!