Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Biscuit can trot out

I had asked Allison to work with Biscuit on his "trotting out" skills.  She rode him last Thursday and Friday, working on his cantering and trot out skills. 

On Monday I went out to the barn and talked to the Lee Ann's.  We discussed the trip for this weekend.  Lee-Ann B is going to crew for us - I have to get Biscuit 2 bags of carrots - they are great for electrolytes.   I am worried about my trotting out!!!

I went down to get Biscuit and he came to me from the back of the pasture and I gave him a few treats.  I got in the RAV and clucked to him and he took off at a trot!!!  WOOT!!!  That was terrific. 

I got up to the front of the ranch and got out of my RAV and asked him to trot out and he did!  No hesitation.  We did that several times and then I put him on the washrack and Lee Ann B and I were yakking while we groomed the horses.  I got my circular knife and trimmed Biscuit's bars and a huge flap on his front left frog.  I left the hooves alone though.  He has a tendency to be tender footed. 

I tacked him up and put my heart monitor on and it was working fine.  One lead is a little loose and I think I am going to tape it with some duct tape to keep it in place.  I practiced trotting Biscuit fully tacked and so did Lee Ann in case she has to trot him out!

I took his tack off and marked his saddle girth strap with the number of holes starting at 20 - 29.  I piddled with my pommel bags Kellie gave me.  Hummmm...I think I will be using those Saturday instead of my two separate bags.  I put my new cantle bag on the saddle - the company replaced the one that I received from Christmas who's zipper had busted. 

I put Deep Woods Off on Biscuit - he was covered with mosquitoes.  I put some on Sarge too, when I got down to the paddock. 

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