Thursday, November 29, 2012

Alligators and round the left of the big bridge

Around the back left of the Bridge

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas Barry rode with Kellie and I today.  We tacked up and went to the right of the woods.  I walked Biscuit over the entire wooden mat.  It is about  20' across.  We went out on the bayou and the same alligator was there...he didn't bother to flip into the water today.  We went across the Yellow Brick Road Bridge and Elan just came right along like he wasn't concerned.  We went to the right and down towards the bayou.  Went around the back and down Willow Bayou towards Hildebrandt.  I have only rode there once.  We got to the point and turned to the left.  When we got to the edge of the woods we had to cross a narrow strip of land that had a huge hole to the left that just went straight down.  Ugh.

We went down beside the bayou where Biscuit had had a hissy when I first got him.  That was the day he clamped his teeth on Kellie's leg!  We saw an alligator up on the bank and he flipped into the water.  We went as far as we could go and then had to go up to the top and then back down on the side.  We went around the corner and stared moving faster.  There was something on the trail and Biscuit shied at it and nearly dumped my backside!  Dang...  we kept going and got around to the front and were trotting fast.  Biscuit can't canter behind Elan and Sarge.  He was getting pushy because he wanted to go.

We got to the entrance of Cattail Marsh and they had a turn stile.  Biscuit pushed up against it but wouldn't go through it.  I was surprised that he even pushed against it.  Barry got Sarge to go through it and he held it open for Biscuit and Elan.  We went out of Cattail and into the trails in the woods.  We trotted til we got to the main trail.  We trotted and then hit a canter.  Biscuit was going pretty dang fast - over 14 mph.  I asked him to slow and he did but dropped the canter after a few strides.  I kicked back into the canter and we went a ways until he realized Elan was way behind him and he stopped!  LOL  Biscuit is such a sweetie.

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