Monday, January 28, 2013

Dashing Big Red is coming home

Dashing Big Red is returning to Texas.  Sarah has done a great job with him but he has limitations as a dressage horse.  It was a hard decision for their entire family but Red will be returning to me.  I will be picking him up Sunday after next.  I am free leasing him to Barry's godchild for her 13 year old daughter, Alex.  Barry learned to ride on Terry Mark's horses and has been best friends with him since kindergarten.  They lived across the street from us for years.  I feel comfortable with the match.  Alex doesn't know and it will be a big surprise for her.

Kellie is going to go with me to get him and I will ask if he can stay in the arena at Plum Nearly overnight.  I will then haul him up to Jasper where he will do ACTHA rides with Alex.  I told Toni she could use my extra Aussie saddle and that I would throw in his old bridle.  It is still handing there.  I have his Dashing Big Red stall sign too. 

The following weekend we are going to Ebenezer to ride.  I will get Barry to go pick her and Red up and she can come ride with us in a controlled group so she can get used to him.  I will be very happy to see my boy again.  I have missed his face so much.

He will be close enough that I can see him and so can Margaret.  She was glad he was returning too and she knows the people who own the stable he will be at.  She said they are wonderful and that is what I had heard.

Can't wait to see him.....he is my sweet man.  


Toni said...

We can't wait either! She's gonna need resuscitation after she finds out!

Denise said...

LOL She is still in shock!