Sunday, June 23, 2013

Biscuit gets a bath

I have worked with Biscuit every day this week.  I worked with a dressage whip - snaking it around his feet, touching him all over with it.  Also worked on his ground manners of stopping when asked.  Haven't had a problem catching him to halter him. 

Saturday I gave him a bath so I had my hands all over him.  I used blueing on his mane and tail and they were whiter. 

Today I got out there and his break away halter was on the ground.  It was too large on him so after I fed him and cleaned the arena, I poked more holes into the halter breakaway leather piece.  I then worked on his ground manners and with the dressage whip.  He did a good job today.  I walked him to his pasture and gave him a treat and then turned him loose.  He trotted then cantered over to the water barrel and then rolled. 

I went back late this afternoon and he came into the pen area and I put his purple halter on and fed him.  Lots of treats and good boys going on. 

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