Thursday, June 20, 2013

Working on trust

All this week I have worked on gaining Biscuit's trust back.  He is a little bit skittish - not crazy but he flinches like I am killing him.  Tuesday Craig came out and did his hooves.  He did well with that. 

I have rubbed him all over, walked him and asked him to back up.  I am giving him a treat in the morning and the afternoon and he really looks forward to those! 

Today I went out and didn't have a problem haltering him.  I cleaned the arena and then fed him.  I paid July's rent while I was there today.  Woot!!! that is nice to have that done.

I went back this evening right when Jamie was feeding.  I drove down the road with Biscuit trotting beside me.   I put him in the pen and Jamie gave me a bucket of feed for him.  After he was through I led him out and let him eat grass.  A huge horsefly landed on his shoulder and I reached over and slapped at it.  OMG he shot sideways about 6 feet like I had killed him.  Poor fellow...he is so jumpy.

I took him up front and tied him by the tack room while I got the lounge whip and some treats.  I started rubbing the whip on his shoulders, neck, butt and face.  He was a little unsettled but I kept talking to him telling him it was ok.  I popped the whip on the ground and that upset him some but calm words and treats helped.  I then was swishing it back and forth on the ground in front of him.

He did ok but was nervous and moving around to get away from it.  Once in the arena I turned him lose and he followed me.  About halfway around the arena he stopped and walked to the water bowl for a drink and then headed for his hay.  I went and got him and showed him a treat.  He followed me and I would walk a way and then stop and rub his face.  He would turn his face from me at first to avoid my touch but finally he would follow and let me pet his face.  I will just have to keep up so that he gets used to me again.

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