Thursday, June 20, 2013

Putting up a little corral

I couldn't catch Biscuit Wednesday either.  Ugh.  I wanted to use the Gator to take the panels down there but the barn staff was baling hay and using the Gator.  I called KD and asked her if she would help me Thursday so we met at the barn, got on the Gator and away we went.  We put 4 of the panels on the back of the Gator and secured them and drove down to the pasture.  We took them off and set up an "L" shape to make a little corral. 
So what is up with those two girls coming down the road?

Sarge is a little curious!

Just what is going on?

Sargent has to check it out for himself!

KD hauling panels
Biscuit joins Sarge to see what is up with the panels

Panels on the Gator


A little grass hay and alfalfa for a treat


Sarge is removed from the panel

....a bucket of water but no shade.

What are you going on the other side?

Biscuit still doesn't want to be caught.
We managed to entice Biscuit inside with hay and leaving to go up to the front.  When we returned we closed him in and took Sarge out.  He still wouldn't let me catch him or get near him.  I called my cousin Bruce about helping me.  He said he could come after lunch tomorrow if we weren't able to catch him.  Bruce said to keep his feet moving - done that without results!  Dang!!!  Biscuit has had grass but no grain since Tuesday.  Now just some grass hay and water. 

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