Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two steps forward and one step back

This past week I worked with Biscuit Monday and Tuesday with the lounge whip; I ran it all over his body and was popping it around him.  No problem.  KD came out and rode him one morning.  She had a little trouble keeping him in a canter - I told her to shorten his reins and push him into his bridle like Lee Ann P and Lee Ann B taught me. 

I was able to catch him every morning and afternoon EXCEPT Wednesday morning.  He refused to come to me and walked off.  I walked around the pasture and then gave up.  No feed for him.  That afternoon he was more than happy to let Barry and I catch him.  Haven't had any problems with him since.  He and I walked down the ranch road Friday morning. 

He is a little jumpy around his head area.  It is like he is still "Goose" - the horse I brought home from Kenny's instead of the horse he became.  I will just have to keep working at it.

I go to the doctor Monday and am hoping I get to ride.

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