Monday, June 17, 2013

Biscuit runs from me

Last Tuesday I went out to the barn to get Biscuit as KD was going to ride him.  That was a big negative.  OMG he ran from me.  Running in circles, flagging his tail.  I kept him moving for more than an hour.  KD helped me but we still couldn't catch him. 

Barry came out that evening to try and catch him and he couldn't either.  Don't understand it.  The day before I caught him with no problem at all.


K.K. said...

For whatever reason, two of my boys have become nightmares to catch lately. It's not like I catch them and put them to work, I catch them, put fly spray on and then let them go. I don't get it. I started leaving halters on them 24/7 which I hate doing, but it's the only way I can catch them!

Denise said...

K.K. I feel your pain! I put Biscuit in a break away halter just in case he got caught up in anything he'd be able to break free. I started giving Biscuit treats again. Whatever it takes. I was able to catch him yesterday - actually he came to me. That is what I want. I feel like he had reverted to the way he was when I got him and this is the way I gained his trust the first time!