Thursday, June 20, 2013

Running Biscuit

Got to the barn Monday morning and Jamie had fed him.  Dang.  I tried to put the halter on Biscuit - he backed up and walked off.  Dang.  I ended up making him move/trot/jog for an hour and a half.  He would act like he would want to come in but would back up when he saw the halter.  OMG what the heck is wrong with this horse?  Alison tried to get him to come to her or let her back up to him.  He was having none of it.  She said the same thing I have...he has the distrustful look on his face.  Sigh.....

Later I tried to get close to him and offered him ice out of my glass.  He took it.  I went around and pulled grass and got him to eat it out of my hand.  Lots of grass.  Finally FINALLY F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. got him to let me put the halter on him.  OMG it took HOURS.  I let him graze outside of the arena and then tied him up and went to get a break-away halter.  Got the halter and bucket of NickerMaker treats.  Lee Ann Potter said he had me trained!  LOL  maybe so but this is how I got him to trust me when I first got him.

I told them not to feed him - that I would come and feed him myself and clean out the arena.   So everyday this week I have gone out and he has let me catch him with no problem.  He has to put the purple halter on over the break-away halter before he gets his pellets.  He eats with his halter and lead rope on.  I give him hay and walk him around, backing him up and I used the long lounge whip to rub it all over him to show him I wasn't going to hurt him.  I had a Sonic cup in there Tuesday and OMG it fell over and he dang near jumped on me.  He is so jumpy like when I first got him.  

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