Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday I ride again

I had to go to the cardiologist today - I haven't seen Dr. Bransford in 15 years...and he remembered me.  LOL I guess I had a somewhat weird case - but I enjoyed a doctor's visit instead of dreading it.  :-)  After that I visited with Kellie...omg her new trailer was leaking too...it went back.  They are building a new one AGAIN.  Hope that it is a good one. 

I went out to the barn after that.  I got Biscuit and brought him up to the wash rack.  Lee Ann P and Lee Ann B were both there and Legato was soaking in the bath.  That soaking bath is nice!  I brought Jamie and Edgar Dunkin' Donuts today for making it.  Actually Jamie made it but Edgar is such a sweetie to me.  I brushed Biscuit and he is still shedding like crazy - cleaned his hooves too.  I got out my saddle and bridle and saddled Biscuit up and asked the Lee Anne's their opinion on the fit.  It is too tight in the withers.  I got Lee Ann B to hold him while I mounted up.  OMG I scraped my side on the horn and it freaking hurt like dammit.  I had a hard time getting my leg over the cantle.  Lee Ann adjusted the stirrups several times.  I walked him around, backed him up, leg yielded across the arena.  He is still being a little bit of a guy that wants to go where he wants to go but he isn't being difficult...just needs to be ridden. 

I noticed that this saddle was riding LOW on his withers.  Not a good sign.  It is really tight on his shoulders.  I am done with this.  I can't afford the shipping back and forth of this saddle.  I know that Biscuit has a dip behind his shoulders and that is complicating things.  I only want the best for my boy.  I took the saddle off and went and got my little Aussie - I have only rode in a few times.  I got it while waiting on the last Allegany.  It is very light.  I put it on with one of the Aussie pads and then changed to my purple Equipedic pad.  The Lee Ann's thought that it fit way better than the Steele.  It has the padded underside so it won't be squishing my boy.  I had Lee Ann B hold him and I mounted up.  She readjusted the stirrups and I rode him round and round.  He seemed more comfortable and I was too.  The Steele is not comfortable (it is just the tree) to me. 

So, I am going to send it back and tell Eric thanks but it isn't working.  I rode Biscuit in an Aussie saddle for 5 months after I got him.  So sorry I sold my nice Aussie.  I have regretted it every since I sold it. 

I am going to get a sheepskin for this Aussie as it is a cheap saddle so it isn't as comfy as my Allegany was.  I am going to let Cherie try the Allegany.  I hope it works for her.  It doesn't work for Biscuit.

After I rode Biscuit I soaked his feet for more than an hour.  I am hoping to get ride of this dang thrush soon. 

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