Friday, July 31, 2015

Tornados at Plum Nearly

Yesterday Barry and I were heading for the hospital to see Devin and Lesly as she had been hospitalized.  We could see a line of rain out towards the barn but it looked farther away than the barn.  We got to 25th Street in PA and Lee Ann P called.

Gaaaaaa....there was a tornado at the barn.  She was caught on the wash rack with Legato and she said stuff was flying all over the place.  She said may horses were ok - thank God - but that my trailer had been pushed across the road to the other side and she wasn't sure if it had sustained damage.  She said Rogue's shelter was flattened and thrown over the road and that fences were down.

We went to visit Lesly and Devin and then headed out to the barn.  We got to West Port Arthur Road by the prisons and there was a police directing us away from Plum Nearly.  We told him we needed to go check on our horses and he let us through.  We could see a pole hanging into the road just beyond PNR so that is why they weren't letting people down there.  The Entergy trucks were there repairing it.

Rogue's pen had one side standing, one flat on the ground and the roof across the road!!  Rogue was in the mare's paddock.  I went down to my horses pasture and a tree across from them was twisted and bent over and my trailer was up against the fence.  I couldn't see any damage thank God.  We got my tack out of it.  It was all just fine.  The windows were partially blown open so Barry closed them.

My horses were just fine.  They were thrilled to get some carrots so I was glad to see they didn't seem upset in the least considering this tree is about 100' from them.  It is directly across the ranch road from their pasture.  

The last picture is the grasses in the back flattened down!!!

I went out to the barn with chocolate doughnuts today for Jamie and Edgar.  Bless their hearts - they are so sweet.  I had all three grandkids and the dog.  Lesly had to stay overnight at the hospital so I had Mazlyn.  

Jamie came down with the tractor and tried to pull the trailer out....then Edgar joined him and together they pulled the trailer out onto the road from the back of the trailer.  Then they put the rope on the front of the trailer and turned it around.  I pulled the RAV around to the front and they hitched it to my car and I pulled it up to the front.  One panel thingy was pulled off and will have to be riveted back on but it isnt that big of a deal.  

I took the kids back down to see the horses and Biscuit came galloping up from the back.  They gave them carrots and I made sure they kept their little hands flat!!  They loved it.

Barry and I went back this evening and I showed him what needs to be repaired and I am sure he can do it.  The horses were out in the back and Biscuit came running again  -  Sarge kicked up at him and they came running for carrots.  Such sweet boys!

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