Thursday, May 10, 2012

Biscuit The Pill

I went out to the barn today and pulled Biscuit up.  He was a good boy while I brushed him and tacked him up.  Couldn't have asked him to be better.  I put his new Aussie Saddle on and stepped up and on quickly.  The stirrups were too short so I got off and lengthened them.  I remounted with no problem and we started off.  He went along just fine when we were walking but she I asked for a jog he was rushing.  When I asked him to slow down he stuck out his neck and tossed his head somewhat and kept trying to take the bit. 

Ugh...we went round and round and walked.  Walked.  Tried to jog - he'd try to take off.  I would ask him to slow down and he would stop.  I finally got a semi decent round out of him.  I only rode 15 minutes and he was not a fun ride.  He wasn't horrible but he wasn't a pleasure either. 

I found Allison's medical bracelet in the arena and gave it to Lee-Ann to put in their locker.  I called Allison to let her know I found it - she was so glad!  I told her Biscuit had been a pill and for her too work his butt off the next time she rides him.

I am going to try to go out and ride him in the morning. It may be more of the same but I am going to work him anyway.  I think I am going to lounge him first and then get on.  I don't want Biscuit to be a pill!!!  I don't know if it was because of the new saddle or just because he was just being a pill because he wants to GO!!!  Doesn't really matter.  He needs to do what I say when I ask.  We will work on those skills.

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