Monday, May 21, 2012

Riding Solo

I made my first SUCCESSFUL solo ride at Tyrrell Park today.  I have rode the trails solo, once on Red and twice on Biscuit, but this was the first time I hauled him out to the park and rode a complete circuit.  I had taken him out once when I first got him and he refused to move forward after about a 8 minute walk!! 

I didn't get to the park until 6:00 PM.  I waited until it had cooled off.  I went to tack him up and he always spazzes out I saddle him up.  He moves towards me trying to evade the saddle and he pushed into me with his shoulder and I stumbled backwards, dropped the saddle and fell backwards.  Gaaa!!!  I got up, told him sternly to HOLD STILL, got him saddled and mounted up.  He stood like a champ to be saddled.  We took off and he was a good boy.  He moved slowly through the woods and wasn't inclined to trot which was ok.  We went all the way around and I was so proud of him and of me.  We got to the end and he turned his face into the woods like I made him do last year and turned to go out.  He had some foam under his saddle when I dismounted.  We rode 1.8 miles.  I washed him off and he is getting better about accepting water spray to the face. 

I gave him some treats and then hauled him back home.

It was a red letter day for me and for The Biscuit.

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