Monday, May 21, 2012

Hot Ride

Kellie came to PNR today to try on saddles.  I pulled up The Biscuit and tacked him up.  He was a good boy today about being saddled up.  Kellie tried the Steele saddle and really loved it.  We went down the ranch road and Biscuit was listening to Kellie when she kissed up Elan - I had to put his brakes on and tell him to listen to me not her!!  Sarge came blowing up to the fence but Biscuit behaved.  For two cents he'd have been galloping but he listens.  We went out towards the back and saw two coyotes!  I have never seen them out there.  We rode to the WindMill and OMG it was SCORCHING HOT.  My face was on fire and I had my cool vest, cool hat and Frogg Togg neck towel on and I was still burning up. 

Kellie then tried to Sharon Saare but she liked the Steele Saddle best.  We visited with The Lee Ann's and Lee Ann's pretty daughter Devin.  It was so nice to see my barn buddies - I haven't been out there much due to working on the cake kitchen.  I MISS riding.  I am going to try to go this week by myself and ride Saturday and Sunday with Lee Ann and hopefully Kellie too.  The cake kitchen has taken up quiet a bit of my time this week but it is what pays for the horses and I am so glad to be getting my own space!

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