Sunday, May 6, 2012

Clod Hopping in Tyrrell Park

 Lee Ann B and I met Kellie out at Tyrrell Park at 10:30 this morning.  I went to saddle up Biscuit and when I put the blankets on he started to move.  I spoke very sternly to him and told him to STAND STILL and bless his heart, he did.  He always tries to evade the saddle.

Kellie got a new saddle - her flextree saddle is what was hurting his back.  She has tried several on him including my new Aussie and Barry's, LeeAnn P's Sharon Saare.  She bought one at Liberty Tack and it is a hard seat ranch saddle.  It is a nice looking saddle.  We tacked up and I turned Kellie's stirrup so she could get her foot into it.  It needs to be turned.

We rode into the woods...Biscuit was leading - after a little pop on the shoulder with a crop.  He was a good boy today.  The trails were dry but where horses had gone through the mud it was hardened into clods that were difficult to navigate.  We went out and down the bayou to the bridge.  It was hot as all get out.  On the way back just before we went into the woods again Biscuit got a little goofy and a pop with the crop settled him down.  We went to the right had side of the woods and walked around.  We walked out of it near the road so we could get out of the clods.  We went to the trailers and Kellie opted not to ride around again.  Lee Ann and I went back into the woods and around again.  We came to where we had gone out and Biscuit wanted to go out of the woods instead of following Rogue!  LOL he kept trying at each exit to go out so he didn't have to walk on the clods!  We got to the top of the trail head and Biscuit remembered that I make him go back and forth and NOT just head out and then I would make him go to the area across from the trail head and stand with his head facing the woods.  LOL  He headed right for that spot....stopped...faced the woods....then turned himself around to go!  I cracked up laughing at him - he is just way too funny...and smart too boot.

I took his tack off - we had gone 6.2 miles.  He got several treats and then I rinsed him off.  I sprayed the water in the air to wash his face.  He is still a little reluctant about that but he is getting better.

One the way back to the barn and idiot pulled out in front of me in my lane and then went down the middle of the two lanes.  I had to slam on my brakes OMG  I nearly had a cow.

I can say that my Brenderup behaved so wonderfully...I slowed quickly and so did the B'up!!!


lauren| Ranch Saddle said...

that's a good training for him. He is surely a fast learner horse.

Denise said...

thanks Lauren! It is good training and thank God he does learn fast and he doesn't forget either!