Saturday, May 12, 2012

Visiting The Biscuit

I hadn't seen my horses in a couple of days - bad weather and working on cakes kept me away.  I went out there today and they came up from the back of the paddock.  Biscuit is just such a sweetie.  Barry and I pulled some clover and fed it to them. 

Kellie and I are going to try to get in a ride tomorrow afternoon.  Can't wait.  Going to Ebenezer next weekend to ride.  I have to deliver a wedding cake around 11:30 Saturday in Vidor, return home, get the Brenderup and Biscuit and head up to Ebenezer.  I am going to get Barry to put the A/C in it early along with the cot.  I will bring home tack and load the trailer on Thursday.  Randy is going to help me get the A/C into the door God Bless him.  

Here is some pictures of Biscuit in his new Aussie Saddle and him rolling in the pasture.  Look at that tongue hanging out!!!

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