Monday, May 7, 2012

Ordered the new Allegany

I talked to Staci this morning about the saddle.  This is what I decided on:

A Renegade Endurance saddle withe the slim endurance pommel.  It will be the medium oil chestnut.  I like that color!  It will have bob wire stamping on the saddle and stirrups.  It will not have drop rigging though.  I am not a fan of that.  Slim curved fenders.  Horse Shoe hardware and 8 latigo ties.  I told Staci to feel free to carve a horse in the fenders!  She tried her hand a leather carving and I thought it looked great.

I traded my Skito pad to her in exchange for an Equipedic pad in purple. It will be like this  Biscuit will be stylin'.  It will match his bridle.   I certainly hope this saddle fits.  I don't want Biscuit to have any problems at all.  I took the fit kit to the post office and mailed it.  I put the Skito pad inside and it fit. 

I went out to the barn and talked with The Lee Ann's and Allison.  Allison rode Biscuit last week and she said he did a good job.  She is working on his cantering.  I will have to get her to coach me soon so that I can feel comfortable cantering in the arena.  That is where I feel least comfortable!

I went down the road to see the boys and gave Biscuit a snack on the sly and gave them both handfuls of clover.  They are both looking fantastic.  Biscuit was a little dirty.  I may have to go wash him off tomorrow.

I got home and UPS delivered the new girth and new saddle pad for the Aussie.  I will try to go out to the barn tomorrow and ride Biscuit in the new stuff.  I won't be getting the new saddle for 7-8 weeks or so.  I am not expecting it until the middle of July.  May get it earlier and I will consider that a bonus!

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