Thursday, May 31, 2012

Biscuit trips with me and then busted his butt

Kellie and I went riding Saturday.  I had a hard time catching Biscuit...he was running all over the pasture, pulled back from me when I got to him but did let me catch him.  I have barely been out there since I started the construction on the cake kitchen.  I took him into the area and lounged him for 15 minutes and he was a good boy then.  Hauled out to the park and he stood still after a stern warning while I saddled him.  Kellie and I mounted up and took off.  The trail to the right is like "iron shore" out at the islands...jagged and sharp peaks.  We went out on the bayou and down to the bridge.  On the way back we were trotting a little and he stuck out that nose when I asked him to slow down to collect up.  I can tell he hasn't been ridden much., illness, cakes, etc. has got in my way of riding. 

We were almost back to where we go into the woods when Biscuit stumbled on his left front foot and I thought he was going down. He floundered for three steps and he couldn't get his left front hoof back up under him.  I moved my feet to the back of the stirrups and gave him his head.  He was really floundering to stay on his feet.  Kellie said he just couldn't get that hoof forward.  Poor guy.  He stumbled a few times going to the trailer and when I got there he had this in his foot....

Sweet Gum Ball

Poor Guy had this in his front left hoof

It was in the little hole now by the frog. 
He was given a ton of treats which he liked...poor Biscuit!  I took him over and washed him off and he stood and let me spray water on his jaw.  Wow...before water couldn't come more than 2/3 up his neck!!  I stood back, held the line and sprayed water up in the air and he didn't struggle to get away.  I spray gentle like falling rain and he is getting over his fears.  He stretched out his neck lipping at the water.  He is really making progress.  He is a good boy!!! 

I took him back to the barn and did his feet.  He was pretty good about it but geez, that is back breaking work.  Plenty of treats to go around for The Biscuit and his feet were very grown out.  I have to do Sarge's soon....they are way over due too!  He went back into his paddock and took off running to Sarge!!

I had wanted to ride Sunday with Kellie but had to stay up all night working on a cake - didn't start til 10:30 PM because I kept the grandkids so my kid could go to a wedding as a groomsman in a tux and really stupid looking Converse sneakers.  That looks so stupid!

Anyway, Barry went instead of me.  He said he got to the barn and Sarge and Biscuit started running all over the place.  Biscuit was galloping down the far side of the pasture when he either slipped, tripped or stumbled and fell near the fence.  He went to get up and fell back down, had rolled under the fence, stood up, pulling the fence out of the ground and was outside of the pasture galloping all over the place.  Barry and Jamie (pronounced Hi-Me) finally caught him after he got all of the horses stirred up and galloping all over the place.  Barry said he seemed fine.  He went on his ride with Sarge.  He joined Kellie, James and Kurt on the ride.

I went out to the Barn Sunday afternoon to check on Biscuit and he seemed slightly sore but ok.  I went out Monday and he was definitely sore on the front end.  Stiff but not really limping.  He didn't seem inclined to move a bunch on Monday.  Tuesday he was better but still stiff.  Wednesday was walking freely but a slight stiffness.  Yesterday he seemed just fine.  I think he may have some stiffness or soreness I can't perceive but he seemed fine.  I never could find any real puffiness, tenderness or heat anywhere so I guess he was just sore from busting his butt!!

Sigh...horses can make one just a little crazy.

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