Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday Ride

Lee Ann B and I made plans to ride in Tyrrell with Kellie and Randy Sunday morning.  I brought Biscuit up to the barn and fed him up there.  We got out to the park around 8:15 AM.  I told Biscuit in a stern voice to HOLD STILL when I went to saddle him and thank God he did.  I tacked him up and he stood like a good boy. 

Kellie brought the Steele saddle tree with leathers on it to try.  She tacked up Elan with it.  We took off to the left of the woods.  A tree was down so we back tracked and went out of the woods and around to another entry.  I took some pictures of Kel in the saddle to send to Steele.  We went around the woods and turned around and went back!  We cut across the ride away and got to the tree that was down.  We actually plowed through the side of it with some help from Lee Ann cutting some branches.  We went out of the woods again so Kellie could canter Elan to see if she liked the saddle.  We stayed on one side of the street and she went on the other.  Elan wouldn't canter but Biscuit wasn't too happy his buddy went on the other side!!!

We went back into the woods and around to the stables.  We stopped at the trail head and Lee Ann and I discussed going around again on just riding tomorrow.  Biscuit had a little snitfit because Reagan was moving off.  We went over to the trailers and I took his tack off.  I took pictures of Elan and Kellie with the Steele on.  We had a great time and rode 3.3 miles. 

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